How long does a llama last?

At least until bedtime... but up to 25 years if you ask them nicely.

Where can you get a llama?

By talking to a member of the British Llama Society. Llamas are herd animals and benefit from their own company so you must plan on having two or more.

What do they eat?

Small children . . . have often asked this question. Llamas mainly eat vegetation (grass, nettles, leaves) with pellet supplements if they're really good.

Do they spit?

One of my llamas was being poked through the fence by an irritating young child. She curled her neck all the way round and across her back . . . and caught him accurately between the eyes!

Do they sleep in a barn at night time?

No. They generally prefer to sleep out in the open, but may get undercover during hailstorms or when it's hot.

Do llamas bite?

Males can bite each other when fighting and have six hooked 'fighting teeth'. Males will bite their opponent's back legs and genitals. Although females have similar 'fighting teeth', they are much less aggressive. Males' fighting teeth can be sawn off but this procedure may need to be done again the following year.

Where do llamas come from?

South American Andes (Peru, Bolivia, Chile) but they have been in the UK since the 1950's.

What are llamas used for?

Mainly as pack animals and for their fibre, but in South America they are also used for food, with their hides used as leather.