Item Title: Miraclenure

Date: 10 June,2010

Llamanure! rhetorically speaking, should be called Miraclenure! Why? I'm a landscape gardener (BTEC 'grade distinction' National Award in the Horticulture Sector) and at the beginning of the season I dug in some of the 'Llamanure' in and around borders of customers gardens, with their consent of course. The rose petals are fibrous, silky, shiny to the look and touch in comparison to neighbouring roses. I also am in the middle of an experiment involving two large pots of strawberries planted in March. One pot has 'Llamanure' and one without. To date the one without is struggling in comparison to the one with. Like the roses the leaves are full, healthy looking and huge! The final stage will be to take pictures of the roses in full flower and the strawberries in full fruit - these will follow in due course.

All the best from GD Garden Maintenance & Solutions.

Item Title: Llama feedback

Date: 1 May, 2010

This is the rest of my message: (I ran out of space!) : hope you sell tons of the stuff! I am about to make my own compost tea with the results of my wormery, but if I ever fancied a change of basic ingredient I would certainly try your Llama pellets....

anything north of Watford has to be good! (That's a London joke, (where I live now), as they never seem to travel north of Watford, and also, I am a Northerner by birth, so am obviously great... :)

Anyway, hope it's not raining today.... and please give my love to all your Llamas, ducks, and that cute lil scarred Wabbity... wave at Pendle Hill for me, and except my kindly greetings and happy smiles. You have brightened up this grey concrete London morning - your site is manure for the soul...hahahahah...

Lots of love - Wendy

Item Title: Llama feedback

Date: 8 July, 2009

Dear Philip,

Just thought I would drop you a quick note and a few pics to show you how well my fruit and Veg has done using your Llama Nure.

I am particularly impressed with the peas, as I have had no problems with any pests and diseases. The birds haven't bothered with the seedlings, and I haven't had to treat for any problems. Especially beneficially for me as I try to stay as organic as possible.

The Tomatoes are also doing well and I will forward on some more photos once they ripen. So next season I may even consider entering a few competitions - I'll let you know how I get on!

Item Title: Lab report

Date: Wed, 12 November 2008

Dear Philip,

I should have added that, compared with Growmore, the manure pellets do not have the same release properties when applied to the soil. Growmore is mainly fast release and manure pellets would be expected to exhibit a much slower release, especially for nitrogen, and would need time to degrade in the soil, as with any manure.

In broad terms its not far off a 2-2-2 compared with a Growmore at 7-7-7. To view the lab report click here

Item Title: Llama 'Nure Tea 200g garden plant fertilizer compost

Item Number: 160199508950

Date: 15-Feb-08

Dear fagin99,

Hi,Just to let you know the only reason i bought this item was to see if it works, and the plant that i was giving this to has really come back to life, its got loads of new leaves and buds, so iam just letting you know that iam so very very pleased, thankyou very much, yours truly Julie

- sillytillykittens

Item Title: Item no.160199521227

Date: Sun, 18 May 2008 13:01:29 +0100

Hey Phil,

Thanks for keeping me up to date and no apologies necessary - I wasn't expecting to hear from you until Monday so the fact that you're already arranging delivery is much appreciated.

I have inherited a small garden which had been utterly neglected and am working hard to get it back in shape. I'm really looking forward to trying your product. I am a New Zealander and first encountered llamas for the first time here and we had a great day. They had some babies too - they were soooo cute!! Anyway while there I picked up some llama manure for a friend of mine who is very keen on organic gardening and she raved about it all summer long so I was really pleased to see your product on sale and am already anticipating good results, but I will give you an update in a few weeks time.

Many thanks for the additional info and your prompt response.

Kind regards

J. Brierley

Mrs Jean Morris used the Llama Tea on a patch of grass favoured by her grandson's dog and the grass has grown back so well she can't identify where the patch used to be!

Both of our products are mailed in dried form, but please use rubber gloves when handling the powder or pellets.