Yes, it sure is m'nure.

Me and mi amistades amigos here, we've all masticated, digested and defacated to bring you this best-kept-gardening-secret, and now you can benefit from all our hard work.

Put a couple of tablespoons full of the incredible Llama'Nure powder in your watering can, leave it overnight to mature, then give your potted plants and flowers a drink of what we believe to be the best 'morning pick-me-up' in the world.

Alternatively, you can dig a bag of dried pellets into your garden early in the growing season, and let nature do the rest.

The contents? Well, we only graze on grass, hay, sometimes on shrubs and, on occasion, grain containing vitamins and minerals given to us by our humans when they want us to do something . . . like work! A bribe like that, though, can sometimes be a wonderous thing, so bribe your garden with some of our results.

Please rinse thoroughly any crop destined for the plate; while Llama'Nure doesn't have much of an aroma, we wouldn't want you or your guests to be uncomfortable.

Llama'Nure, is a truly natural and daily by-product of our comfortable existence. We pass pellets (they look a bit like large coffee beans really), and these are air-dried and packed, or ground/grounded/grinded/crushed/whatever into powder and then packed, just for you.

Now you know what Llama'Nure is, but don't keep it under your hat (for obvious reasons!). If it works for you, go out and tell everyone, then their gardens can enjoy the benefits of our secret.

Gracias y hasta la proxima adios.... and remember, our 'factories' never close!!

Both of our products are mailed in dried form, but please use rubber gloves when handling the powder or pellets.