Relocations, Llodgings & Rehoming

  • Do you need a break from your llamas?
  • Do your llamas need a break from you?!
  • Why not let them spend a bit of time breathing in the robust air of northern Lancashire?

    Here, at the Balmy Llama Farm, we have space to spare, and llamas of our own of course, in a wonderful rural setting adjacent to the Bowland Fells and in sight of the Pendle Hills.

    Perhaps you're going on holiday, or going into hospital, or off on a world cruise - whatever is happening to you doesn't have to affect the health and well-being of your pet(s) or herd. Take a look at our photographs, and consider giving yourself or your llamas a well-earned break!

    Call us on +44 7877 401285, perhaps we can be of service.

    If you are located outside mainland United Kingdom (England, Scotland and Wales), we may still be able to assist, but you must call or email first to discuss your needs and establish the costs.

    Llodging Conditions:

    1. The Balmy Llama Farm (hereafter called BLF) will retain waste pellets and any brushings from each llodger during its stay.
    2. Wherever possible llama(s) will be returned home clean and brushed.
    3. BLF will use its best endeavours to ensure that female llodgers do not 'mingle' with any intact males however, should any accidental mingling result in an issue, if required BLF will collect the unfortunate issue once weaned, at no cost to the owner, or BLF.
    4. In the event of any incident or accident the owners will be contacted immediately but BLF will also engage the services of a vet in the interest of the animal's welfare. Detailed incident reports will be made available.
    5. If BLF is booked to return llodger(s) at an agreed time but is unable to do so because of such things as accident, incident, illness, vehicle breakdown, etc, the owner will be informed and arrangements made to return the llodger(s) at the earliest opportunity, at no additional cost to the owner.
    6. If BLF is booked to return the llodger(s) but on arrival is unable to hand them over because the owner is not available, is uncontactable, or any other owner-related reason, BLF will assume temporary ownership of any and all of the llodger(s) immediately. Unless BLF can make contact with the owner within 7 days of that wasted journey, to make further arrangements, BLF will assume permanent and irrevocable ownership of those llama(s).
    7. BLF reserve the right to charge an owner for a wasted journey (at No 6) at a rate of 1.50 per llama per mile travelled in both legs of the journey together with any overstay fee.
    8. A charge of 15 per overstayed day per llama will be incurred on either a short or llong-term term llodging if the owner fails to collect on the booked day. If BLF has not been contacted by owner during the first day of overstay, BLF will immediately assume temporary ownership of the llama(s). That ownership will be only be relinquished on full payment of all and any overdue charges. Ownership of those llodgers will pass permanently and irrevocably to BLF after 14 days of overstay if there has been no contact with the owner.
    9. BLF reserve the right to pursue any owner for any outstanding payments incurred through any of the activities mentioned above through the Small Claims Court.

    Short-term llodgings - 14 days or less

    Short-term llama llodgings must be booked at least 14 days in advance and payment made in full before arrival/collection. A 25 registration fee will be charged to cover reception, registration, photographs, insurance, feed requirements, and health inspection, then 3.00 per llama per llodging day booked.

    Llong-term llodgings - 15 days and more

    Llong-term llama llodgings must be booked at least 30 days in advance and payment made in full before arrival/collection.

    A 35 registration fee will be charged to cover reception, registration, photographs, insurance, feed requirements and health inspection, then 2.00 per llama per llong-term llodging day booked.


    The Balmy Llama Farm can collect and deliver a single llama at a cost of 75p per mile travelled in both legs of each return journey and 25p per additional llama. This payment must be made in advance.