Rest In Peace

Llamas can be lost for a variety of reasons but they all deserve a mention.

Manco Capac (died September 23rd, 2008)

Manco was approximately 10 years old, an intact male, the long term partner of Mama Ocllo and father of Sinchita Ann Noveno Roca and Fidelia Raini Bundle Pumpkin, along with three previous off-spring. Manco died as a result of complications caused by a gall stone. He was a very handsome male and is now immortalised in this website and on Balmy Llama Farm vehicles.

Ebony (died June 30th, 2009)

Ebony was a tampuli/tampuda (hairy) llama, approximately 9 years old. When she was acquired in October 2009 she had a large but, allegedly benign, cyst on her chest between her forelegs. There was a heatwave on the day she died so the actual cause of her death is unknown but no doubt it was a combination of the now-enlarged cyst, the likely strain on her organs and the heatwave.

In all the books I have read, and my experiences with the llamas mentioned, when a llama shows signs of illness they are invariably already dead on their feet. In the wild, any signs of vulnerability or weakness can be quickly picked up by predators (wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, etc). Llamas therefore do not exhibit signs of ailments or illnesses until it is usually too late to save them.